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Product name : 5X00230G01
Product No. : Westinghouse QOL Card
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Westinghouse DCS :
Part Number        Description
404A723G01 Westinghouse QLINE Extender Assembly Cable (404A723G01)
404A724G01 Westinghouse QEX Extender Assembly (404A724G01)
406A167G13 Westinghouse QLC to IBM AT - Serial Cable (406A167G13)
4256A01G01 Westinghouse QLC Serial Link Interface Card (4256A01G01)
4256A15G01 Westinghouse QDC Card (4256A15G01)
4256A15G02 Westinghouse QDC Card (4256A15G02)
4256A15G03 Westinghouse QDC Card (4256A15G03)
4256A26G01 Westinghouse QRC Card (4256A26G01)
4256A36G01 Westinghouse QDT Daughter Card (4256A36G01)
4256A51G01 Westinghouse QFR PC Card (4256A51G01)
4256A64G01 Westinghouse QAX Card (4256A64G01)
4256A64G02 Westinghouse QAX Card (4256A64G02)
4256A64G03 Westinghouse QAX Card (4256A64G03)
4256A64G04 Westinghouse QAX Card (4256A64G04)
4256A64G05 Westinghouse QAX Card (4256A64G05)
4256A64G06 Westinghouse QAX Card (4256A64G06)
4256A65G01 Westinghouse QAX Daughter Card (4256A65G01)
4256A65G02 Westinghouse QAX Daughter Card (4256A65G02)
4256A65G03 Westinghouse QAX Daughter Card (4256A65G03)
4256A65G05 Westinghouse QAX Daughter Card (4256A65G05)
4256A65G06 Westinghouse QAX Daughter Card (4256A65G06)
4256A76G01 Westinghouse QST Card (4256A76G01)
4256A76G02 Westinghouse QST Card (4256A76G02)
4256A83G01 Westinghouse QIC Card (4256A83G01)
4256A84G01 Westinghouse QID Card (4256A84G01)
4256A84G02 Westinghouse QID Card (4256A84G02)
4256A84G03 Westinghouse QID Card (4256A84G03)
4256A84G04 Westinghouse QID Card (4256A84G04)
4256A84G05 Westinghouse QID Card (4256A84G05)
4256A84G06 Westinghouse QID Card (4256A84G06)
4256A84G07 Westinghouse QID Card (4256A84G07)
4256A84G08 Westinghouse QID Card (4256A84G08)
4256A84G09 Westinghouse QID Card (4256A84G09)
4256A84G10 Westinghouse QID Card (4256A84G10)
4256A84G11 Westinghouse QID Card (4256A84G11) Alt# 3A99159G11
4256A84G12 Westinghouse QID Card (4256A84G12)
4256A84G13 Westinghouse QID Card (4256A84G13)
4256A84G14 Westinghouse QID Card (4256A84G14)
4256A84G15 Westinghouse QID Card (4256A84G15)
4256A84G16 Westinghouse QID Card (4256A84G16)
4256A86G01 Westinghouse QAXT Daughter Card (4256A86G01)
4256A94G01 Westinghouse QVP Card (4256A94G01)
4256A94G02 Westinghouse QVP Card (4256A94G02)
4256A94G03 Westinghouse QVP Card (4256A94G03)
4256A94G04 Westinghouse QVP Card (4256A94G04)
4256A99G01 Westinghouse DIOB Backplane on Q-crates (4256A99G01)
4256A99G02 Westinghouse DIOB Backplane on Q-crates (4256A99G02)
4257A58H04 Westinghouse QCI Card .75A Fuse (4257A58H04)
4257A58H06 Westinghouse QSE Card 3A Fuse (4257A58H06)
4D06546G26 Westinghouse Q-Line Card Edge Connector / Cable (4D06546G26)
4D33865G01 Westinghouse Power Supply (4D33865G01)
4D33865G02 Westinghouse Power Supply (4D33865G02)
4D33865G03 Westinghouse Power Supply (4D33865G03)
4D33865G04 Westinghouse Power Supply (4D33865G04)
4D33865G05 Westinghouse Power Supply (4D33865G05)
4D33865G06 Westinghouse Power Supply (4D33865G06)
4D33913G01 Westinghouse Power Supply (4D33913G01)
4D33913G02 Westinghouse Power Supply (4D33913G02)
4D33913G03 Westinghouse Power Supply (4D33913G03)
4D33913G04 Westinghouse Power Supply (4D33913G04)
4D33913G05 Westinghouse Power Supply (4D33913G05)
4D33913G06 Westinghouse Power Supply (4D33913G06)
4D33914G01 Westinghouse Power Supply Rack Tray (4D33914G01)
4D33914G02 Westinghouse Power Supply Rack Tray (4D33914G02)
4D33914G03 Westinghouse Power Supply Rack Tray (4D33914G03)
4D33914G05 Westinghouse Power Supply Rack Tray (4D33914G05)
5870C46G01 Westinghouse Halfshell Extension Assembly - L XMTR Pwr (5870C46G01)
5870C46G02 Westinghouse Halfshell Extension Assembly - R XMTR Pwr (5870C46G02)
5999C39G05 Westinghouse Halfshell Extension Assembly - Right (5999C39G05)
5999C39G06 Westinghouse Halfshell Extension Assembly (5999C39G06)
5999C40G01 Westinghouse Halfshell Extension Assembly (5999C40G01)
5999C40G02 Westinghouse Halfshell Extension Assembly (5999C40G02)
5999C40G05 Westinghouse Halfshell Extension Assembly - Right (5999C40G05)
5999C40G06 Westinghouse Halfshell Extension Assembly - Left (5999C40G06)
5999C40G10 Westinghouse Halfshell Extension Assembly (5999C40G10)
5999C41G02 Westinghouse Halfshell Extension Assembly (5999C41G02)
5999C41G03-9 Westinghouse Halfshell Extension Assembly - Right (8 Fused) (5999C41G03-9)
5999C41G04-9 Westinghouse Halfshell Extension Assembly - Left (8 Fused) (5999C41G04-9)
5999C42G01 Westinghouse Halfshell Extension Assembly - R Fused(1) (5999C42G01)
5999C42G02 Westinghouse Halfshell Extension Assembly - L Fused(1) (5999C42G02)
5A22138G01-3 Westinghouse 9 Pin Serial Ribbon Cable (5A22138G01-3)
5A22663G01 Westinghouse QSR Resistor Kit (5A22663G01)
5D32115G01 Westinghouse I/O Quad Cabinet - 486 WEStation DPU (5D32115G01)
5D32151H01 Westinghouse Q-Line Card Edge Connector plastic retainer (5D32151H01)
5X00230G01 Westinghouse QOL Card (5X00230G01)
7379A06G02 Westinghouse QCI Card .75A Fuse (7379A06G02)
7379A08G01 Westinghouse QRI Card (7379A08G01)
7379A13G01 Westinghouse QPA Card (7379A13G01)
7379A13G02 Westinghouse QPA Card (7379A13G02)
7379A13G03 Westinghouse QPA Card (7379A13G03)
7379A13G04 Westinghouse QPA Card (7379A13G04)
7379A19G01 Westinghouse QMX Card (7379A19G01)
7379A21G01 Westinghouse QAV Card (7379A21G01)
7379A21G02 Westinghouse QAV Card (7379A21G02) Alt# 3A99164G02
7379A21G03 Westinghouse QAV Card (7379A21G03)
7379A21G04 Westinghouse QAV Card (7379A21G04)
7379A21G05 Westinghouse QAV Card (7379A21G05)
7379A21G06 Westinghouse QAV Card (7379A21G06)
7379A28G01 Westinghouse QAM Card (7379A28G01)
7379A28G02 Westinghouse QAM Card (7379A28G02)
7379A28G03 Westinghouse QAM Card (7379A28G03)
7379A29G01 Westinghouse QDT Card (7379A29G01)
7379A31G01 Westinghouse QAW Card (7379A31G01)
7379A31G02 Westinghouse QAW Card (7379A31G02)
7379A31G03 Westinghouse QAW Card (7379A31G03)
7379A31G04 Westinghouse QAW Card (7379A31G04) Alt# 3A99165G04
7379A31G05 Westinghouse QAW Card (7379A31G05)
7379A31G06 Westinghouse QAW Card (7379A31G06)
7379A34G01 Westinghouse QMR Card (7379A34G01)
7379A36G01 Westinghouse QAH Card (7379A36G01)
7379A36G02 Westinghouse QAH Card (7379A36G02)
7379A36G03 Westinghouse QAH Card (7379A36G03)
7379A36G04 Westinghouse QAH Card (7379A36G04)
7379A39G03 Westinghouse QAE Card (7379A39G03)
7379A47G01 Westinghouse QMA Card (7379A47G01)
7379A47G04 Westinghouse QMA Card (7379A47G04)
7379A58G01 Westinghouse IOW Board (7379A58G01)
7379A62G01 Westinghouse QRT Card (7379A62G01)
7379A62G02 Westinghouse QRT Card (7379A62G02)
7379A66G01 Westinghouse QMB Card (7379A66G01)
7379A70G01 Westinghouse QMT Card (7379A70G01)
7379A70G02 Westinghouse QMT Card (7379A70G02)
7379A70G03 Westinghouse QMT Card (7379A70G03)
7379A78G01 Westinghouse QIA Card (7379A78G01)
7379A82G01 Westinghouse QSI Card (7379A82G01)
7379A84G01 Westinghouse QBE Card (7379A84G01)
7379A87G01 Westinghouse QIX Card (7379A87G01)
7379A90G03 Westinghouse FILM Card (7379A90G03)
7379A90G06 Westinghouse FILM Card (7379A90G06)
7379A91G01 Westinghouse QAA Card (7379A91G01)
7379A91G02 Westinghouse QAA Card (7379A91G02)
7380A35G01 Westinghouse Q-Line I/O Card Test Assembly Extender Card (7380A35G01)
7380A36G01 Westinghouse QSE Card (7380A36G01)
7380A92G01 Westinghouse RTD Bridge Card (7380A92G01)
7380A92G02 Westinghouse RTD Bridge Card (7380A92G02)
7380A92G03 Westinghouse RTD Bridge Card (7380A92G03)
7380A92G04 Westinghouse RTD Bridge Card (7380A92G04)
7380A92G05 Westinghouse RTD Bridge Card (7380A92G05)
7380A92G06 Westinghouse RTD Bridge Card (7380A92G06)
7381A10G01 Westinghouse QLI Card (7381A10G01)
7381A10G02 Westinghouse QLI Card (7381A10G02)
7381A10G03 Westinghouse QLI Card (7381A10G03)
7381A73G01 Westinghouse QSS Card (7381A73G01)
7381A76G01 Westinghouse QLJ Card (7381A76G01)
7381A76G02 Westinghouse QLJ Card (7381A76G02)
7381A76G03 Westinghouse QLJ Card (7381A76G03)
742A891H01 Westinghouse QBO Card Fuse (742A891H01)
772B450G01 Westinghouse QLC Configured Board (772B450G01)
772B450G02 Westinghouse QLC Configured Board (772B450G02)
772B450G03 Westinghouse QLC Configured Board (772B450G03)
772B450G04 Westinghouse QLC Configured Board (772B450G04)
772B450G11 Westinghouse QLC Configured Board (772B450G11)
772B450G12 Westinghouse QLC Configured Board (772B450G12)
772B480G01 Westinghouse QFR Card (772B480G01)
772B480G02 Westinghouse QFR Card (772B480G02)
774A759H01 Westinghouse 120 Ohm Nickle RTD (774A759H01)
9115A09G12 Westinghouse Q-Line Card Cable (straight plug) (9115A09G12)
9115A25G04 Westinghouse QBE to QBE Cable (9115A25G04)
9115A59G01 Westinghouse WDPF QRT Test Cable (9115A59G01)
9115A60G01 Westinghouse WDPF QAV/36AFS Cable (9115A60G01)
9115A61G01 Westinghouse WDPF QRT 150 Ohm Cable (9115A61G01)
9115A62G01 Westinghouse WDPF QPA/36 AFS Cable (9115A62G01)
9115A63G01 Westinghouse WDPF QRO to QCI Cable (9115A63G01)

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