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Products > ABB > > 3BSC690075R1
Product name : 3BSC690075R1
Product No. : 3BSC690075R1
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Original New ABB 3BSC690075R1 in stock

AC800 I/O AND S800 I/O:
The following control libraries are part of the AC 800M control family and installed with the 800xA system;
Basic Library
Icon Library
Alarm and Event Library
Signal Library
Process Object Libraries
Control Libraries
Group Start Library
Sequence Start Library
Supervision Library
Fire&Gas Library
Communication Libraries
Batch Library
S800 I/O features include:
Comprehensive coverage
Flexible configuration and installation
Ease of set up
Reliability and accuracy
HART pass-through
Redundancy also on I/O module level
High Integrity I/O modules certified to SIL3
High accuracy time tagging
Defined outputs at communication errors
I/O modules with Intrinsic Safety interfaces
CI801 3BSE022366R1
CI810B 3BSE020520R1
CI820V1 3BSE025255R1
CI840A 3BSE041882R1
TK212A 3BSC630197R1
FS801K01 3BSE038407R1
TU846 3BSE022460R1
TU847 3BSE022462R1
PM866K02 3BSE050199R1
AI801 3BSE020512R1
AO801 3BSE020514R1
DI801 3BSE020508R1
DI802 3BSE022360R1
DI803 3BSE022362R1
DO801 3BSE020510R1
DO802 3BSE022364R1
AI810 3BSE008516R1
AI815 3BSE052604R1
AI820 3BSE008544R1
AI825 3BSE036456R1
AI830A 3BSE040662R1
AI835 3BSE008520R1
AI835A 3BSE051306R1
AI843 3BSE028925R1
AI845 3BSE023675R1
AI890 3BSC690071R1
AI893 3BSC690141R1
AI895 3BSC690086R1
AO810V2 3BSE038415R1
AO810 3BSE008522R1
AO815 3BSE052605R1
AO820 3BSE008546R1
AO845A 3BSE045584R1
AO890 3BSC690072R1
AO895 3BSC690087R1
DI810 3BSE008508R1
DI811 3BSE008552R1
DI814 3BUR001454R1
DI820 3BSE008512R1
DI821 3BSE008550R1
DI825 3BSE036373R1
DI830 3BSE013210R1
DI831 3BSE013212R1
DI840 3BSE020836R1
DI885 3BSE013088R1
DI890 3BSC690073R1
DO810 3BSE008510R1
DO814 3BUR001455R1
DO815 3BSE013258R1
DO820 3BSE008514R1
DO821 3BSE013250R1
DO840 3BSE020838R1
DO890 3BSC690074R1
DP840 3BSE028926R1
TU805K01 3BSE035990R1
TU810V1 3BSE013230R1
TU811V1 3BSE013231R1
TU812V1 3BSE013232R1
TU813 3BSE036714R1
TU814V1 3BSE013233R1
TU830V1 3BSE013234R1
TU831V1 3BSE013235R1
TU835V1 3BSE013236R1
TU836V1 3BSE013237R1
TU837V1 3BSE013238R1
TU838 3BSE008572R1
TU839 3BSE046966R1
TU833 3BSE038726R1
TU842 3BSE020850R1
TU843 3BSE021443R1
TU844 3BSE021445R1
TU845 3BSE021447R1
TU850 3BSE050930R1
TU890 3BSC690075R1
TU891Z 3BSC840220R1
TY801K01 3BSE023607R1
TY804K01 3BSE033670R1
TB805 3BSE008534R1
TB845 3BSE021437R1
TB806 3BSE008536R1
TB825 3BSE036634R1
TB846 3BSE021439R1
TK801V003 3BSC950089R1
TK801V006 3BSC950089R2
TK801V012 3BSC950089R3
TK812V150 3BSC950118R3
TK812V015 3BSC950118R1
TB807 3BSE008538R1
TB820V2 3BSE013208R1
TB840A 3BSE037760R1
TB810 3BSE008560R1
TB811 3BSE008568R1
TB815 3BSE013204R1
TB842 3BSE022464R1
TU807 3BSE039025R1
TU840 3BSE020846R1
TU841 3BSE020848R1
TU848 3BSE042558R1
TU849 3BSE042560R1
TK811V015 3BSC950107R1
TK811V050 3BSC950107R2
TK811V150 3BSC950107R3
SD821 3BSC610037R1
SD822 3BSC610038R1
SD823 3BSC610039R1
SS822 3BSC610042R1
SS823 3BSE038226R1
SD831 3BSC610064R1
SD832 3BSC610065R1
SD833 3BSC610066R1
SD834 3BSC610067R1
SS832 3BSC610068R1
3BSE037760R1 TB840A

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